Radisson Blu Hotel Pera, Istanbul

The Radisson Blu Hotel Pera, Istanbul provides the best location when visiting Central Turkey. The hotel is located close to Istiqlal which is renowned for its bars cafes, shops restaurants, and art gallery.

The hotel is a 5 mins walk from the buzzling Taksim Square, Taksim square is a beautiful open place to settle and enjoy the scenery, at the very end of the square you will find  Istiqlal Street, this street is about 2 km long and it’s full of shops and bargains.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Pera has an enviable location with views across the Golden Horn which is a must-see for any tourist or business visitor to Istanbul.

Radisson Blu Rooms

 I have stayed at many Radisson Blu Hotels in different countries because it fits my budget and you get a lot more than you pay for.

The rooms at Radisson Blu Pera are spacious and comfortable, and for anyone who has traveled across Turkey, they will know that cleanliness is the priority. The Radisson Blu does not disappoint when it comes to rooms.

The rooms are well-appointed, flat-screen television cable access, Wi-Fi, comfortable bed, and furnishings. The bathroom is always spotless upon arrival.

The décor is modern and can often be found to be traditional depending on the location.

Great service

When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by the staff and my bags were loaded onto a baggage trolley without any prompting from anyone. Before I had completed the check-in process my bags were in my room.

I’m not sure if it is a Turkish thing but the service at the Radisson Blu Pera is exceptional, be it room service or service in the restaurant, it’s just impressive.

Radisson Blu Pera facilities

 If you’re like me you take advantage of the facilities when staying in a hotel away from home. The facilities at the Radisson Blu Pera will not disappoint you.

The Karya spa has the normal gym facilities available with up to date equipment, there is also a sauna, steam bath.  Together with these facilities, you will find a decent sized indoor swimming pool and a Turkish bath.

One word of advice is if you intend to have a massage you will need to pre-book the masseuse, there is also a small charge for the service but it’s worth every cent. If you don’t try this service you have missed out.

Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant

You can find the Hamdi restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, the restaurant has spectacular views over the Golden Horn and the old city.

The food in the restaurant is of a high standard and is traditional Turkish cuisine, don’t worry Turkish food is delicious and is full of barbequed meats and salads. It’s a very enjoyable experience.

For lighter bites, you can check out the Luna lounge where they serve an array of pastry style smaller meals with coffee.

If you prefer to drink something stronger then head tp the business lounge where you will find a good selection of wines spirits and beers.

What’s going on outside the hotel?

It’s a must to walk to the old city it’s a very short distance and you will likely find some interesting items to buy, if not it’s great to just soak in the ambiance of the place.

You will find that most Turkish people speak English so getting around and communicating is easy.

In Istanbul don’t forget to take a trip to Bosporus  and cruise in the parts of Asia and Europe, Visit the Blue Mosque, and Dine on the delicious Street foods.


Did you know that the Radisson Blu is located in the cultural art district Pera?

Pera museum is just a short walk from the hotel.

Beyoglu is a hit with shoppers and has a vibrant night scene.

The Pera palace hotel was built to accommodate the passengers traveling on the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul in the 18th Century.

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