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When going in Montenegro, the first thing you have to secure is the accommodation. Not only that it is a requirement for tourists, it also will be your temporary home away from your country. It should be near the airport, has high technology security and systems, and at the same time, should be a safe, peaceful and a beautiful place to stay in. Moreover, it should be a great place to rest into. Fortunately, just a few kilometres away Golubovci Airport (9 km) and Tivat Airport (43 km), you can already enjoy the luxury 4-star service of the famous CentreVille Hotel & Experiences.

Centreville Hotel is a glass-like fortress located at the new Capital Plaza Complex of Podgorica. It is at the heart of the city capital, and is therefore surrounded by commercial, religious and educational institutions. Knowing this, the hotel is at par in terms of international standards which can be observed from the physical features of the building and its services. I personally have a taste of that class when I stayed there for several nights in my visit to Podgorica. Because of that, here are the major reasons why Centreville is the best place for you to stay.

Unparalleled Edifice

At a glance, Centreville looks like building made of ice due to the glasses from which it is made of. Because of this, it gives elegant appeal not only from its façade, but also in its interior designs. It is ornamented to be charming to guests which can be seen from its elaborate decorations, choice of color, and selection of window and door designs.

High-End Facilities

Perks of being a guest in Centreville includes an access to a number of hotel services. As a guest, you will be entitled for a free parking, if you have your own or rented car. If not, you can enjoy the airport transportation which will be personally arranged for you. For me, this is already a good thing since you do not have to suffer from all the hassle of trying to find a decent and honest drive.

They also have conference facilities, banquet rooms, meeting rooms, and business center with internet access. Because of that, big companies in or even outside the country holds important events at the premises. Not that I will held mine, but the amount of trust and the extent of service they can offer, assures how capable the hotel is in giving quality services for a quest like me.

Going back to the premises, they have fitness center with gym or workout room. This is really important for those who have workout routines. Also, they have on-site cafes, such as the Hardrock Café, and fine dining restaurants. They also have boutiques where you can get pretty good stuff.

World-Class Services

Other than the facilities, Centreville also is guest-friendly evident in their disability access rooms, dry cleaning and laundry services. It also has free breakfast buffets on a table full of world-class meals prepared by their chefs.

Rooms Made for Comfort

All of the rooms have the usual features such as being fully air-conditioned, and equipped with refrigerator, flat screen TV, and WiFi. There is also room service, and rooms have minibar, too. Locking system is high-tech as well, to ensure security of clients. Remembering my stay there, I never felt a single hint of worry.

There are a variety of rooms to choose from. Here are some of the rooms you can get in your staycation there. The Superior Double Room features the garden, mountain and city view. This also has flat screen TV, a mini bar, coffee and tea making facilities, and high-tech locks. You can also enjoy your own private bathroom and parking services. Room sizes is 28m2.

The same features can also be experienced in Premier Double Room. The advantage in this room is the bigger 37m2 dimensions.

Lastly, they have the King Room-Disability Access. I included this one because I am amazed of how thoughtful they are to physically challenged people. The room measures 29m2 and is specially designed for people with disability. They can enjoy mountain and city view in this room type, along with parking, free wifi, private bathroom and room services.


Did you know that Centreville Hotel started operating in 2016? Despite being only literally 3 years old, the hotel already earned international recognitions from renowned sites and organizations. Many factors contributed to their successful debut. One of which is the number of tourist activities in the city capital of Montenegro—Podgorica. To learn more about the Top 10 places in the city, visit this link: www.montenegropulse.com/things-to-do-in-podgorica.html

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